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MSTI is Registered Vehicle Scrapping Faciility, RVSF to scrap Car, Scrap Bike, Scrap Truck, Scrap Bus or any kind of Scrap Vehicle

We recycle any make of scrap vehicle, such as a Maruti Scrap Car, Hyundai Scrap car, Honda Scrap Car, Toyota Scrap Car, Honda Bikes, Hero Bikes, any other Car scrap, any other two-wheeler scrap, scrap truck, and scrap bus.

Customers need to apply to scrap the vehicle on the RVSF portal ( The certificate will be generated on the Government portal. Please Contact MSTI for more information.

MSTI does prompt free pick up of scrap vehicles through towing vehicles.

15-year-old Petrol Vehicles and 10-year-old diesel vehicles cannot be driven in Delhi NCR. After the expiry of RC, the Owner needs to scrap the vehicle through RVSF/ Authorized Car Scrap dealers.

Yes, MSTI issues Certificates of Deposit ( COD) and Certificates of Vehicle Scrapping ( CVS). Customers can get the digitally signed certificate on the Vahaan Portal/ RVSF Portal.

Get a Certificate of Deposit to get the incentive on Road Tax on the Purchase of a New Vehicle
Certificate of Deposit can be Traded to get the value of the Certificate.
Get the benefit of Registration fees on the Purchase of a New vehicle as applicable.

Delhi Scrap Policy- No incentive policy has been announced yet in Delhi.
UP Scrap Policy - A 15% incentive on road Tax is allowed on the purchase of a New Vehicle.
Haryana Scrap Policy- 10% Incentive on Road Tax is allowed on the purchase of a New Vehicle.

The car can be scrapped through an Authorized Car scrap dealer or by the Authorized Scrapping Yard only as per the Government Guidelines.

Authorized Car Scrappers are scrapper car buyers.
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