The Journey of a Scrapped Car: Unveiling the Lifecycle from Dismantling to Recycling

In a world where sustainability and environmental responsibility are gaining prominence, the journey of a scrapped car has become an essential component of the automotive industry. As an Authorized Recycler in Delhi NCR, MSTI is committed to shedding light on the often-overlooked process that follows a car's final journey on the road. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of what happens to a car after it's scrapped, offering insights into the meticulous dismantling, recycling of various components, and compliance with government regulations.

The Role of an Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility

Car scrapping isn't merely about disposing of old vehicles; it's about reducing the carbon footprint, conserving valuable resources, and ensuring a sustainable future. MSTI, as an authorized vehicle scrapping facility, plays a pivotal role in this journey. Our commitment lies in the responsible handling and processing of end-of-life vehicles, adhering to the highest environmental standards.

Dismantling Process: A Precise Deconstruction

The moment a car arrives at our facility, a meticulous dismantling process begins. Trained professionals skillfully disassemble the vehicle.

The moment a car arrives at our facility, a meticulous dismantling process begins. Trained professionals skillfully disassemble the vehicle.

The heart of our operation lies in recycling. Every vehicle contains an array of materials that can be repurposed. From metals like steel and aluminum to plastics, glass, and rubber, these materials undergo specialized recycling processes. The salvaged metals are smelted and reused, reducing the need for virgin resources. Plastics are reprocessed to create new products, while glass finds new life in construction and manufacturing.

Car Recycling Policy in India

India's car recycling policy is gaining momentum, emphasizing the sustainable disposal of end-of-life vehicles. MSTI aligns with these policies, contributing to the creation of a circular economy. Our focus on environmental stewardship is reflected in every step of the car recycling process.

The Role of RVSF in Delhi NCR

RVSF (Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility) is an integral part of the scrapping ecosystem. MSTI's status as an authorized scrapper in Delhi NCR underlines our commitment to safe and responsible disposal. We provide a convenient and efficient solution for vehicle owners looking to scrap their cars, ensuring that the process adheres to legal and environmental standards.


The journey of a scrapped car is a testament to the evolution of the automotive industry towards sustainability and responsible resource management. MSTI, as an Authorized Recycler in Delhi NCR, takes pride in being a part of this transformation. From dismantling to recycling various components, our focus remains on minimizing waste, conserving resources, and upholding the highest standards of environmental compliance. Join us in embracing the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, one scrapped car at a time.